‘Abstraction’, by Shintaro Kago

I love mangas.
Why do i love mangas ? Simply because it’s great. Same apply to anime, which i prefer than movies as the freedom of having no physical rules allow the maddest experiments. Japanese people are lovely crazy people and i’m attracted to madness like a moth to a burning flame. This is part of the reasons why i’m still living in Shanghai after all… Anyway, some mangaka have some of the most twisted minds upon this world and i’m always amazed how far it can go. I mean, i don’t pretend to be necessarily mentally sane or stable myself, but i’m feeling good knowing there’s a way to go even further in the mutation of reality.

Here are the 16 pages of this short manga called Abstraction by infamous Ero-Guro manga maestro Shintago Kago, who’s one of my favorite when it comes to experimental illustrations and out-of-this-world representations.
Warning though, this is not for the weak or the easily shocked ones. This is raw and crude, surrounded by a totally awesome visual trip.

Enjoy and bless !


One thought on “‘Abstraction’, by Shintaro Kago

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