Greetings my fellow human !
Welcome to my terrarium !

My name is Didjelirium.

I’m a one in a million kind of chameleon, doomed to create universes, living things and deluded hopes the stars will sing for no one to listen.

I am a freelance polymorphic artist. Wordsmith, storyteller, lyricist, vocalist, musician, 2D & 3D motion-designer, filmmaker, poet and philosopher.

I live for all things creative and I like to use all kind of tools to create, including A.I.

If you feel like you don’t have the words, it’s probably because I’m keeping them for you, so feel free to contact me for your various creative needs. I work for any kind of kind humans.

MUA : Christopher Prenat / PHOTO : Moana Blackstone Photography

I wish you love and coconut !