Life story, life stories, live stories…

16 Jun





Over the years living mainly as a spectator observing the world and trying to make any sense out of it, I was lucky enough to hear many life stories, to have many chats with friends or random people and… Well, maybe luck has nothing to do with those encounters ! Maybe it is simply some sort of aura I have that attracts people in need of someone to share their story with. In fact, several times I met people – who later became friends – who were at the lowest tide in their life, so far. And I just happened to be right there and then. As usual, eager to hear another story about the world as seen from another point of view ; pleased to be able to talk to another human right when it’s not hiding behind its own multi-layered mask that society and its diktat of ‘normality‘ make us all wear. Vulnerable and twitching, that’s how I love to see a soul.
Anyway, I usually end up asking quite a few questions and letting the story get as personal, as real as my interlocutor allows it to be. My main interest, as always, is to realize, again and again, that we’re all the same. You, me, the one next to you and even the ugly one jumping in the back. Same shit, different details, that’s all. No judgements, no blame, no accusing fingers. Simply trying to understand humanity and what’s the fuss about.

Through the tales of others, I’ve lived an impressive lot of sadness, pains and troubles worst than those i’ve ever experienced myself. I’ve cried and often bit my lips with apprehension – well, the intensity of the emotion also depends on who tells the story, you know, the ethos pathos logos and all that crap.
I’ve also heard so much joys and wonderful moments of sheer happiness, which were so intense they made me feel happy too, I smiled and laughed as If I were there, even though I was a mere listener and I’m not the one who got into this crazy adventure or experienced that unique situation. No jealousy, no envy, no egoistic need to compare and compete. You simply listen and you identify yourself, in total empathy with another soul. I guess that’s the magic of story-telling and that’s why I’ve been in love with tales and wonders since I can read.

Like all of us, you say ? True, we all like stories. Well, most people REALLY like easy stories, the happily ever after kind you know ? The mind-controlling propaganda-ish cleaned-up-and-bleached stories made to shape this human society as it is, proper and tidy and maneuverable. Those stories usually live long, they’re not the issue… I mean, they are, but not right now at this point.
This point is, the true stories, the one with us as a hero, never giving up and going to the end of his own chosen path ; those one we believe in them at first. We grow up with them and they most certainly give us our first shape, the basics of the individual we want to become, because, as Nietzsche wrote – and not Lacoste – “Become who you are“.
But then, at some point, we stop caring and believing in our own story. When, somehow, it seems like adulthood requires us to give up on hopes and dreams and personal quests and society tells us that stories are good, for young humans, but that the active force of this world must focus on production rates, mortgage dues, reproductive missions, accumulations of numbers and growth of bellies and corporations.
Those stories then become ‘kids only‘ domain. Dreams become shattered memories and hopes become ghosts. And baaaam! Welcome to your ‘real‘ life, this is society, this is your job, this is your married partner, this is your next 40 years, this is who you are now. Have fun and don’t forget to save money before you die. And vote ! And buy Monsanto ! And watch TV ! A lot of it !!!

This is a caricature ! I hear you mind-protesting. Yeah, right… You might be just the one I was looking for, another one who thought the exact same thing but set those thoughts aside quickly because, well, there’s just so much to do, so why think ? And it hurts so much… Right…
Ironically enough, those who refuse to spend time thinking, introspecting, questioning, wondering, doubting, opposing, etc… Well, those are the first ones to judge others, blame, condemn, accuse, disdain, point at, and most dangerously KNOW !

I met those people. And you know what ? They were sometimes the very one telling me their story, appreciating my open-mindedness and my lack of judgement while they were sharing pretty intense choices or decisions, telling me stuff they did and dreams they had that do not fit my own lifestyle, but whatever you know… We’re all the same and all different. So I listened and I allowed them to think differently, while on the other hand, they were quick to judge my own choices and decisions. In the end, it felt like it was normal for me to accept them, but not normal for them to accept me. Or something like that. Not that I seek acceptance or support. True, this is enjoyable, but sometimes it’s better to be alone than in bad company. Classic.

Well…. here are a few thoughts, my own share of the story, my own take on the comments and advices I was so gracefully given by people who truly wanted to help me when they told me I should change my life to better fit their perception of it, while I was leaving them alone and not blaming them for running against the wall, since that’s what they seemed to really want to do. Why not, hey ? Everyone is free to do one’s own mistakes so one can learn and grow, hopefully. That’s the bitter element of every story. Hope.

(This is an everyday situation type-o-chat, without the questions, but you heard them before i’m sure. Any human living in the 21st century society daily experiences this kind of discussion, the pressure to be re-shaped and modified and adapted to fit a certain category, to play a certain function, to fulfill a certain need… Usually, the need of only a few. But I digress again)

Yes, I am ‘for real‘, as real as it gets.

Yes, I’m a 30 years old individual, with no ‘real job‘ as society calls it, since I decided to dedicate my life to arts and the process of creation. And nothing but that. I was destined to teach philosophy but thankfully realized early that this was even more meaningless than what I’m doing now. So yeah, I’m no banker, no trader, no plastic surgeon, no marketing director, no politician apprentice, no soldier, no phone reseller. If it means i’m nothing, then fair enough. I’m nothing. Totally cool with that.

Yes, I don’t know what I will be in 5 years, or 10, or 20 or if I even will be. What I know is that I won’t spend any of those years planning my whole existence so that I ‘saved’ enough money to keep my consumer role once i’m old. I won’t rearrange my life to fit your criteria, whether professional, personal, sexual, colorful, religious, fashionable, marketable, recyclable or any other aspect you seem to hold in such great respect it determines who you love and who you hate.

Yes, (they usually insist), even though I don’t know what I will be in 5 years, or 10, or 20 or if I even will be, I feel just fine about it. I know i’m breathing at this very moment and I appreciate that simple fact. You might think this is not ‘normal’, but what you really need to know is, I don’t want to be normal, I want to be myself.

Yes, I want to be myself, you heard me. And it’s hard. In fact, looking back at all those life stories I’ve heard so far, it becomes evident that, in our world today, this is but the hardest thing to do, which is why most of humanity is not even trying. With all the rules and the looks and the talks and those hateful un-saids causing so much un-dones… I don’t blame you for not trying, you lazy cowards basterds f*ckers, I know it’s hard and it’s taking its toll on me a little bit more everyday. But not trying when I know I can, this is the only thing I cannot do. This is how I try to lead my life, according to the holy trinity. Well, not the one you might think, you blessed arse.

My personal holy trinity is : 
- the things I can change
- the things I cannot change
- the wisdom to know the difference.

You might know it, the ancient greece stoics made sure it reaches us. Yet, if they only knew… Anyway, I firmly believe that if one were to lead his life according to this simple trinity, one would find way less frustration and, most likely, a lot more happiness and enjoyment in one’s own life, without even having time to consider what’s going on in someone else’s. I leave it to you to understand how dramatically powerful this simple triad is (if you’re offended by my use of the word ‘trinity‘) though I might one day write longer about it, cos I know it can help a lot of other humans trying to find themselves in this world. Plan for later, one more on the list.

Yes, I have a lot of tattoos, a beard not daily shaved, clothes not necessarily new, I do smoke weed and I got no reason to hide it. We should never have to hide it. Though it might be considered a ‘crime‘ as regards to certain laws, I personally consider stupidity a more afflicting crime, most likely the plague of humanity, yet no law seems to be voted to make sure we get rid of it. And yes, while thinking about this aberration, I am smoking weed.

While we’re on this topic, and because it is yet another criteria to determine who’s ‘good‘ and who’s ‘bad‘, like tattoos, too long boy pants and too short girl hair… For those who criticize, for the governments, for the good-thinking politeness aficionados and all who think they know what’s ‘Truth‘ and what’s ‘Good‘ and what’s ‘Normal‘ :

I don’t kill, I don’t steal, I don’t plan wars, I don’t spread hatred through any means available for humanity – and oh numerous are they – I don’t plot against anyone, I don’t f*ck up someone’s life just so I can feel better about mine, I don’t lie and use and abuse people to make a living or reach higher spheres of that society or feel like I achieved something because I stepped on someone, I don’t backstab, I don’t condemn, I don’t judge over stereotypes or any of your pre-conceived ideas, I don’t criticize for the sole sake of being negative, I do my part not to bring down the global flow of energy which is already way too low, I don’t waste my time envying or drooling for what’s not mine, I don’t want to be a millionaire, I’m not letting my life be directed by numbers of any kind, I’m not basing any of my choices and decisions on self-interest, wealth, success, fame, popularity and certainly not according to what the majority think is normal.

Once again, I don’t want to be normal, I want to be myself.
I don’t bother you, even when you become something I could despise ; I’ll simply ignore you, no bad feeling, no grudge. All I ask is you do the same for me. If you don’t like who, what and how I am, simply leave me alone and walk away. I won’t follow you. I’m happy right where I stand right now. And I truly wish you could feel the same.

I wish one day we will all realize that we don’t have to live forever in this competitive and ego-centered society, fueled with money and elusive illusions, fooled simple-minded people and controlling selfish pricks who really don’t give a shit about you and me and only fear they won’t run out of humans to control. Fear not, humans keep reproducing, no matter what. More coming…
Ugh… It can be changed. But you need to change yourself. Get back to who you really are and stop being who that society wants you to be.

Bless you my foolish friends who prefer to be freaks and outcasts than sheep and statistics !

Bless you too, the one struggling to find oneself ! I wish you find it !

Bless you humanity, How you disappoint me and yet I always end up hoping you’ll get better !

I’m really not normal indeed.


If you find a description of yourself in any of those words above – including the smoking weed part – then you should stop hiding or being ashamed or feeling like you’re doing something wrong when, obviously, everybody else is acting way worst and yet they are the first ones to point fingers. Don’t give a sh*t how they act or what they think at all anyway, just do what you have to do, without being a nuisance to others. On the contrary, if you can elevate more than just yourself and spread some good on your way up, try and do it every time. Don’t be afraid to love and to smile and to share them with those around you.

Obviously, you’re free to share this post – though you should probably copy/paste certain parts only, as big blocks of text easily scare away online humans. I don’t care. I write this for myself so I can look at it from outside my head. And if I share it, this is because I really believe we’re all the same, and if even one person can read and realize he’s / she’s not alone having these kind of thoughts, then that will be worth it. That’s the same foolish motivation I had when I still wanted to teach. I keep it with me through the years because it helps me not to get too depressed about humanity all the time. That… and weed. :p

As a gift for you, for reading so many words, I hope… here is a real simple music video. Good music, good people, good vibes. All we need.


Planet Shanghai TV

7 May


So yeah… Basically, I kinda stop posting stuff here.
No time, sometimes no motivation to and most of the time simply no real need to, because tired of posting to say ‘blablabla this happened and i’m so proud that blablabla and blablabla too’… I know, as an artist, I should spend more time promoting myself and advertising my shit and posting non stop to create a life for me online. I don’t need and I don’t want. A manager? Yeah, that would be cool, so he/she can take care of receiving all the shit I create and work on promoting it while I focus on the next creation. But anyway, life. If you have time to talk about it in daily posts and long essays, then you probably should spend more time living it.

That said, I’m actually quite proud of Planet Shanghai. We’re only at Episode 2 but this is the beginning and more and more people and ideas joining in so should end up being a real funny project. We’re still experiencing and adjusting the right amount of everything in the final recipe, but one thing for sure, if you’re in Shanghai, this is for you, and if you’re not in Shanghai, watch it anyway to get a glimpse of what happens in this mad city, and maybe get finally out of your routine and come check it out.

Planet Shanghai.TV – Episode 2

Follow more at www.PlanetShanghai.TV

Original Fools – Shadow of your Doubt MV !

13 Feb

Shadow of your Doubt Screenshot

Yes it’s finally out !

After countless hours of meticulous masking, buckets of sweat and tears, humongous lungs filled with Shanghai’s polluted air, it’s done ! The new music video to support Original Fools madness is up and running and you should run with it too ! And share it, obviously ! :p

Original Fools – Shadow of your Doubt

You can find it on Youtube :

But also on Tudou, in case you’re one of those poor souls living in China without VPN, just click that link ! (still haven’t figured out how to embed those stupid tudou videos >_< )


Music : Damscray
Lyrics/Performed : Didjelirium
Concept/Direction : Didjelirium
Camera : Amjad Hamid
Edit/Post-Production : Didjelirium
Shot with Canon 5D MarkII,
Canon 50mm 1.4f
Canon 17-35mm 2.8f
Magic Lantern firmware v.2.3

A 2 RED production


Shadow of your doubt


Can i hear your words if you don’t speak them out ? Nooo !
Can i smell your ignorance and not freak out ? Nooo !
Can i taste a drop of peace when i’m here as your lookout ? (Nooo !)
So can you explain to me
Please how can i see
The shadow of your doubt ?


Question number one : hello, how do you do ?
I can see from your eyes you have slept well
‘ten hours last night you say ?’ Yes i can tell
Funny, that brings me precisely to the subject of question number two :
How are your dreams ?
Have you noticed how reality is never what it seems ?
Or are you too preoccupied with your own lies to see ?
Yes, that was question three
Question number four :
Can you measure your confidence ?
On a scale from 1 to 10, tell me what color is your evidence ?
Would you rather try a five or a six
If I don’t let you take a peak at the world’s statistics ?
Stop thinking cos there’s no right or wrong answer
Stop looking for a meaning and you will understand better
The phenomenology of thoughts is an intense science
Focused on a rare element nowadays called silence


Can i hear your words if you don’t speak them out ? Nooo !
Can i smell your ignorance and not freak out ? Nooo !
Can i taste a drop of peace when i’m here as your lookout ? (Nooo !)
So can you explain to me
Please how can i see
The shadow of your doubt ?


How many prophets have you chosen to ignore ?
How many certainties have driven you to implore,
Or to pray for a proof, for a light in your cavern
But it doesn’t matter how many times you’re taught, if you don’t want to learn
Cos all i know is i know nothing (nooo)
You might heard that before but i’m asking you once more,
Do you understand what it really means ?


The polarity of existence implies a necessary classification of alternatives,
arranged according to the subject’s prioritization over its ability to understand the laws at work, as well as a good chunk of wisdom earned through experiencing failures and disappointments when realizing the fundamental meaningless of it all.


Can i hear your words if you don’t speak them out ? Nooo !
Can i smell your ignorance and not freak out ? Nooo !
Can i taste a drop of peace when i’m here as your lookout ? (Nooo !)
So can you explain to me
Please how can i see
The shadow of your doubt ?

After Level Up… It’s Skill points time !

17 Jan

And hop ! Just enough to put it in the Soundcloud category. And baaaam ! New perk unlocked : I am now officially ranked ‘Hero‘ ! Woot woot, trumpet, sushi rolls and whatnot.

Before I manage to grasp the whole ‘responsibility’ thing – which, as you should know, can be my best feature, though I have a serious habit of twisting it the other way for the sake of creativity… *Ahem* – so, before the great responsibility comes the great power. And that is to have leveled up my Soundcloud account to the full version, i.e. the golden flashy-but-classy limousine with chauffeur edition – hookers and drugs not included, which is a shame, but hey ! As my dad always taught me : “If someone gives you something you, take it. If you buy, you choose“. Wise father indeed, so receive this 500 euro gift with a generous smile I did :)

Best luxury about that account – and for that, really again, thank you Soundcloud ! – is that I now have unlimited uploads and downloads ! Yes, you read well my blind friend ! UNLIMITED !!! And what in heavens could possibly rock more than “unlimited” I ask you … If you answered “2Unlimited“, you passed the test and can move freely from now on. I deactivated your tracking device.
So enjoy ! You can now feel free to download from my profile all available tracks, on every computer and on every device you can come across while staggering through Life ! Because there’s just no more limit. No limit as in… you guessed right ! UNLIMITED !

Obviously, that means i’m also gonna be able to upload even more music, which is a good thing because the pile of collaborations starts to get hard to deal with, so this is gonna be a useful tool this year for sure. Online storage of beats and stems for tracks, massive dropbox for folks to send me beat to do more collaborations… Yup, 2013 might be a lucky number. And the next one too, hopefully, if i’m still alive. Oh yeah, because one more thing : that account is allegedly “FOR LIFE“, as stipulated in the exchanged mails and official Soundcloud’s informations – my notary is willing to testify to my lawyer. So it’s great news everyone ! Except I saw that my account expires in january 2014… >_< It means either Soundcloud knows the precise time of my death – in which case, I really wanna work for them ! -; either they will keep renewing it every year, as long as I’m fit to be part of the program. Which is not absolutely evident.

I mean, really, I don’t mind promoting Soundcloud for the simple reason that I truly believe this is a cool ‘community’ – I don’t specifically like that term because where there are communities there is a form of communitarianism, minds limited to the size of their community and that sort of naughty things, but that’s the word mostly used. Anyway, Soundcloud is a really nice place to meet musical people, folks with at least the slightest interest in sound. I know that for sure and I’m glad I kept on checking it because I wouldn’t be doing as much music, in so many different styles, if I never connected to the cloud. I don’t mind promoting it in those terms because this is absolutely true.

That said, they might not have picked the best one to somehow represent them. I know I always have a certain twisted way to say things that some might find hurtful if taken on a basic front approach and many times some people received badly what I initially intended as a positive thing.  That, and the fact I write/talk too much. Still, a joke is a joke and a 2nd degree can hide a 3rd one, in a Matryoshka doll logic. I know sarcasm and cynicism aren’t the most looked-after trait when it comes to any ambassador-like type of title. Because really, this Soundcloud Hero thing is simply that : a smartly thought promotional campaign to further extend the users database of a given company, with minimal expenses, by promoting certain individuals to the rank of apostle, in exchange for promotion as well and various bonuses or participative interests – plus some stickers, t-shirts and a really cool mug, though mine arrived broken, but I blame the chinese delivery services and not Soundcloud on that one ! Finally, being a ‘hero’ isn’t an obligation ; one can choose to simply refuse the offer and not participate if all this is too big an issue.

Don’t get me wrong – as I warned earlier – this isn’t a judgement or another complain-like-a-bitch critic, I’m happy to participate ! This is my usual schizophrenic attempt at embracing the pros and cons and the nature of everything. So it’s more like a statement. Like : “Yeah, this is a business ! Sorry, if you don’t like it, find another planet where it’s not the leading activity. And please do contact me when you do, I will gladly join you“. Meanwhile – and though it seems I was being a proper ass earlier – I find the initiative from Soundcloud pretty human and friendly, considering how some other mass-media companies are treating their users, or even how some other ‘communitiy‘ users act amongst themselves – aaaah, the joy of forums’s life ! ^^ – So far, from my experience, and aside from the random spams, people are usually friendly, respectful and glad to connect.
In the end, as far as i’m concerned – as usual, IMO FTW :P – it gives me the opportunity to connect with artists I might not have found otherwise, it’s the perfect playground for lots of collaborative works and it’s essentially always fun to ‘meet‘ people from all over the globe. It usefully reminds us that, unlike what the wicked ones controlling us try to make us think, we’re really only One. One is All, All is One, and even more when you listen to Maudit Sattva (cf. previous post)


I like Soundcloud, and if they chose me to say it and create a snowball effect to fight the hords of butterflies, I say : “Show me the tavern !

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts about all this and why I am part of it now, quite gladly. :)

Here is the audio introduction I was asked to do. Well, I guess not exactly as they asked, but they asked me to speak – the foolish ones ! If they only knew… – so speak I did. The background music is obviously all Original Fools beats from Damscray ; it also is the best reason why you should listen to that track. :p

You can and should also check the other ‘heroes’ introductions right here, out of sheer curiosity, or simply to add another subject to your likes and chats and mockeries and compliments and all those other existential online activities humans love to do :

Time to get back to work… Music, videos, music videos and so much more. No time to sleep. How long will I last ?


Bless !


15 Jan



How sweet that sound ! How exciting the moment when the skill tree is enlightened by a new addition, freshly earned from hard work and luck and determination and a whole universe which we ignore totally. But it feels good, simply, to move forward. And to celebrate that fact, Original Fools comes back with a brand new track to shake your mind and move your head !

Though at first glance the content of this track might seem to be aimed at this category of the population called “Gamers”, it would be a mistake to forget that Life itself is a game, and the same rules apply.

Because, after all, what is 2013 but 2012 gaining a level up ?

Exactly !

Original Fools knows and brings you once again some sweet musical spices !


Level Up


Prepare yourself for what’s to come
Try and show your best, worry later ’bout the outcome
No need to be afraid, nobody’s too weak or too dumb
The key is in your mind, find it before you go numb
So me say
There’s no difficulty selection, it’s only hardcore
If you fail your life, it’s only death, don’t expect encore
But no need to go fast to be big, Time is not part of the score
If you don’t believe me just ask the Tyrannosaur
Some a dream so high
But dem a live so low
Smuggling fake supply
Like dem a Han Solo
Dem think dem a so wise
With the lil things they know
But the only mark they will leave is dem name written in the snow


Yes it’s time to level up
Living without moving forward is like being dead already
So it’s time to bring it up
Shut up bout your troubles, change your equipment and spend all your XP


We don’t need no mushroom to grow fatter than Mario
If you are interested you are welcome in my ‘barrio’
With a few coins to spare I’ll make you see the stars
Dragons sleeping in dem lair and the merchant’s not too far
So are you coming ? Didn’t you tell me you want to change your life
Wasn’t your job too painful ? Too fuc*** **** your strife ?
Well here’s your time now, Don’t fight against the flow
Listen to me as I go
And join your voice with me :
Come on ! Let’s go stereo !


Yes I can level up !
I wasn’t born that dumb, no !
Yes I can level up !
Give me those skill points, now !
Now you try !

Yes I can level up !
I wasn’t born that dumb, no !
No ! I can’t level… No !
This is not what we said !
Stick to the lyrics, goddammit.


Yes it’s time to level up
Living without moving forward is like being dead already
So it’s time to bring it up
Shut up bout your troubles, change your equipment and spend all your XP
Yes it’s time to level up
Living without moving forward is like being dead already
So it’s time to bring it up
… And time to fight that wolf !


Seen? this is how you gain Xp
Cos nothing comes for free
You gotta give something to get something, just like alchemy
Some of your tears, some of your time, some of your mind, some of your blood,
Some money too, indeed, but maybe you should not go pray those gods,
Instead, feel free to share your old weapons
Your knowledge will never leave you so don’t hesitate to lend it to the young ones
The level ones, the padawans,
Those who never even thought yet once
The newbies, the game beginners
You played a monk, now play the nurse
While i play the fool
This is how I drool
Original to the core, with Damsy-bwoy we are so cool
When we clean the zombies hidden inside your head
We no take no fee, no we’re so happy cos without us you’d be dead
No need to thank us, no, because, you see,
In everything we do we’re only amassing Xp,
I could increase my speed
But I put one more in Speech
And probably one in Lockpick
Might be useful when I visit the Rich

No no, you can’t say that man. That’s not cool,
No really, that’s not cool. There’s a slight chance there’s some people listening to this track right now and you, you go and publicize theft. Not cool, dude, not cool.
See, that was supposed to be a positive track about Levelling up and now… now it’s just sad. Seriously, that’s the last time I do a track with you. Last time.
See you tomorrow.

Maudit Sattva

9 Jan


Dhalsim’s Reach & Didjelirium present : Maudit Sattva

Maudit Sattva is a lifelike oxymoron – which is not an insult but a figure of speech.

Maudit“, in French, means “doomed, cursed” and is a somewhat tainted adjective while “Sattva“, in Sanskrit सत्त्व – literally “existence” – expresses the quality of something absolutely pure. Thus Maudit Sattva is a tainted purity, a doomed freedom, a cursed blessing…

Think about the difficult situation when the light of wisdom only serves to reinforce the darkness of stupidity. The pain one feels when he realizes immediately both the beauty of the world and the ugliness of its inhabitants. The confidence one has in the necessity to act for the Good, only equaled by the doubts about the worth of such act.

These are all expressions of what Maudit Sattva is.
It is Dhalsim’s Reach. It is Didjelirium.
And if you have two minutes of your precious time to spare, it will be you too.

“These days, people don’t search for the Truth. People study simply in order to find the knowledge necessary to make a living, raise their families and look after themselves, that’s all. To them, being smart is more important than being wise.”
No Ajahn Chah


Last repetition of numbers : 12/12/12

12 Dec


Once upon a time I was even less foolish than today and I was paying attention, for the fun, to those weird things controlling the lives of millions of humans and called ‘numbers’. I have somewhat blurry memories of a 05/05/05 and the various years before that, i.e 04/04/04, 03/03/03, 02/02/02 and 01/01/01… Ah, I remember noticing that for 01/01/01 though, with a smile and a glass of rum. I do recal 06/06/06 wasn’t as evil as people were saying and on the contrary, it was a nice sunny day back in my education life… I remember 07/07/07 wasn’t much of a lucky day but it wasn’t too bad either ; 08/08/08 was a hangover before my birthday, 09/09/09 was some stupid event in a shitty bar somewhere around Shanghai ; 10/10/10…. Mmmh, not sure about that one cos I think that’s when I started not caring much about it. 11/11/11 was related to lot of albums release around the world, and a nice Sub-Culture if I remember well…

Well, 12/12/12… That’s the last one. Unless we manage to pull out a 13th month like we pulled out a 13th astrological sign, chances are this is our last day of repetitive numbers. Not that it matters. Not that it’s the end of the world, though it’s indeed the end of something, and that is the stupid fascination for mere numbers which are totally not related to human’s life or any of their preoccupations. But you know, humans… always trying to find some meaning when, really, there’s nothing but movement, total non-caring movement.

Anyway, back to shoot and animate and create, because no matter what day it is, that’s all that matters !

Happy 12-12-12 people, enjoy the finality of it ! ;)

Bless !


Life in 3D

6 Dec

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 9.10.26 AM

Learning those 3D massive softwares take time but daaaaaaamn, how fun it is ! These are only screenshots for now but I’m working already on the animation, almost fully in 3D… There will be some after effects that’s for sure, just cos I can’t live without it, but yeah… 3D… Myriads of abstract shapes, overdose of geometry, re-invention of the physical laws to create a nice world where the colors are shinier than in real life… at least as far as Shanghai is concerned ! :)

I write abstract lyrics… I also like abstract visual things…

More soon !

Bless !

I reckon that can do some nice wallpapers ! Download it ! :)

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 9.07.49 AM

Abstract Flower Wallpaper Didjelirium

The phoenix is not afraid of crossbows…

29 Nov

This blog is being revamped, updated, filtered and somehow … alive ! More videos to come, and music as well, and even their illegitimate child called “music video” ! Also some more thoughts and words for those of you keeping their reading skills alive ! Bless you !

WARNING : Though a beautiful one, a crossbow is still a deadly weapon, thus can be harmful to others. Be careful to aim at people you either don’t like or don’t know…

Video by Didjelirium (
Soundtrack by Damscray (

Damn ! I DO have a blog !

17 Jul

Or so it seems. I’m sorry for the fools who lost their way and ended up on those pages only to find nothing has changed. Don’t think, because you don’t see the changes, that nothing is changing ; Is all i have to say. And to keep this post short and you informed, here’s a few examples of what happened since the last post…a few months ago ! >_<


Original Fools – We Got To Carry On (feat. Possible Address)

Original Fools – Shadow Of Your Doubt

Original Fools – Imma Fool

Original Fools – Schizoriginal

Original Fools – God of Roar MUSIC VIDEO


Switchback feat. Didjelirium – L’Homme est un poisson comme les autres

Possible Address feat. Didjelirium – Uppercut King

Take One of Legion VA feat. Didjelirium – Bath Salts

Also went for Cebu Reggae Festival 2012 in Philippines and had probably one of the best experience this year, both musically and humanly. They have things we don’t have in Shanghai, and never will, which is the saddest part. Much love and praises for the souls of Cebu island and their gift of life ! Bless !!!


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